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A Gentile is served matzo ball soup for the first time

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A Jewish couple invites their Gentile neighbors over for dinner.

The Jewish woman serves the first course and says, “This is matzo ball soup.” The Gentile man appears a bit squeamish and is hesitant to taste his soup. “Just have a taste,” urges the Jewish woman. “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to finish it.”

Not wanting to insult the hostess, the Gentile man gingerly presses his spoon into a matzo ball and takes a bite. “MMMMMM, it’s so good,” he says and quickly finishes the soup. “This is delicious,” the man says. “Can you eat any other parts of the matzo?”

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A Gentile couple dines at an expensive restaurant (2 Punch Lines)

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Part 1:

A Gentile couple goes to an expensive restaurant to celebrate their 20th Anniversary.

The husband says to the waiter, “I’ll have a steak and a baked potato.  My wife will have the Julienne salad with house dressing. We’ll both have coffee.”

The waiter responds, “How would you like your steak and salad prepared?”  The man says “I’d like the steak medium.  The salad will be fine as is.”

The woman says nothing.

The waiter says: “Thank you.”

Part 2:

The entrees are served.  The steak is overcooked.

The waiter returns and asks how everything is.   The Gentile wife says nothing.

The Gentile husband is somewhat embarrassed and feels a bit intimidated by the waiter and his surroundings.  He tells the waiter everything was wonderful and leaves him a 30% tip.

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The food at the hotel

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A Gentile businessman returns from a company trip to Nebraska.  He wife asks, “How the food was at the hotel.”

He answers, “The food was great, but the portions were too big.”

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