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Gentile Jokes

What is a Gentile joke?

Gentile (jĕn'tīl')


a person who is not Jewish, esp. a Christian.


belonging to or characteristic of non-Jewish peoples

Joke (jōk)


something said or done to provoke laughter or cause amusement, as a witticism or a short and amusing anecdote, often with a punch line; a facetious remark.

Gentile Joke (jĕn'tīl' jōk)


a joke about Gentiles.


You could be a Gentile if you clicked above on witticism, anecdote, or facetious because you were unsure of its definition.

Reb Jokester

Reb Jokester

A Gentile woman meets an old Gentile friend

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A Gentile woman meets an old Gentile friend. The friend asks “How is your son getting along?”

The Gentile woman says, “Oh, he’s just fine. He just turned 35.”

“And where does he live?” asks the friend.

“He lives at home with me.  I don’t think he’ll ever get married.  Its just so wonderful having him here with me.  Cleaning up after him, doing his laundry, and cooking all of his meals makes me feel so good, so fulfilled as a woman.  You just can’t believe.”

The other Gentile woman says, “Sounds like a great boy.  I‘m so jealous.”

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College application

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In order to apply for college, a Gentile took the ACT.

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Two Gentiles meet on the street

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Two Gentiles meet on the street.

The first Gentile says, “You own your own business, don’t you? How’s it going?”

The second Gentile says “Just great, couldn’t be better! Thanks for asking!”

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A Gentile couple dines at an expensive restaurant (2 Punch Lines)

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Part 1:

A Gentile couple goes to an expensive restaurant to celebrate their 20th Anniversary.

The husband says to the waiter, “I’ll have a steak and a baked potato.  My wife will have the Julienne salad with house dressing. We’ll both have coffee.”

The waiter responds, “How would you like your steak and salad prepared?”  The man says “I’d like the steak medium.  The salad will be fine as is.”

The woman says nothing.

The waiter says: “Thank you.”

Part 2:

The entrees are served.  The steak is overcooked.

The waiter returns and asks how everything is.   The Gentile wife says nothing.

The Gentile husband is somewhat embarrassed and feels a bit intimidated by the waiter and his surroundings.  He tells the waiter everything was wonderful and leaves him a 30% tip.

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The food at the hotel

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A Gentile businessman returns from a company trip to Nebraska.  He wife asks, “How the food was at the hotel.”

He answers, “The food was great, but the portions were too big.”

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The wealthy Gentile businessman at Bergdorf Goodman

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A wealthy Gentile businessman walks into Bergdorf Goodman and tries on a Zegna suit.  The salesman tells him how great the suit makes him look and the Gentile responds, “This is a very fine suit. How much is it?”

The salesman says, “It’s $1,900.”

Without missing a beat, the Gentile says, “OK, I’ll take it!”

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